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Yes, says Knowles, noting that savvy shoppers stack the discounts with coupons and sales.

"We believe paying less than face value for anything is a good thing." Read on for more tips on buying and using discounted gift cards. gifting Think twice about giving the discount gift cards themselves to people. "Some do look like they've been sitting in a wallet," Hunter says.

"The best discounts can be found on cards that maybe aren't as widely popular, such as restaurants, service providers and select clothing retailers," says Luke Knowles, CEO of Gift Card

If you want a popular card, is it really worth the hassle to save only 5 percent or 6 percent?

Santa's bag gets lighter every year as more people request gift cards.

In fact, gift cards have become so popular that a secondary market is booming.

When you use your Apple ID to sign in to the i Tunes Store, App Store, or i Books Store for the first time, you're asked to enter a payment method so that you can purchase items from the store.

Follow these steps if you don't want to associate a payment method with your account.

Shipping is almost always free and if you don't see a card you want, many sites offer email alerts to let you know as soon as that card becomes available.

Be wary of fraud Fraud on gift card exchanges usually involves cards that are stolen or counterfeit or that do not have the value represented to be in the card, says attorney Steven J. Weisman, professor at Bentley University and editor of the security blog Scamicide.

Reputable sites have practices in place to minimize those kinds of fraud.

"The card is still good, but it's not presentation ready." Another issue is the card value -- most people give new gift cards in round dollar amounts such as , , .

On the swap sites, you may see cards with odd dollar amounts such as .22 or .55.

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