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Over 240 riders have been killed on the course, six in 1970 alone.Conor Cummins, a soft-spoken Manxman, is the local hero.However, they caught a rut, and the flipping began. Meanwhile Marquis rode it out with the car, which ended up right on top of him.

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I became the first man in the history of the Indianapolis Speedway to fail his test twice.

Gardner was flat out when he noticed a child had somehow wandered onto the track. Many railbirds believed that the suddenness of Gardners reaction to seeing the youngster in front of him may have been related to an incident at Californias Legion Ascot Speedway eight years earlier.

Gardner slammed the wall there and a fence board broke loose, killing a 12-year-old boy. Last weekend the Permatex Follow A Dream funny car was on display right next to the Coastal 181 booth at Frank Marattas Auto and Cycle Show in West Springfield, MA.

(Dave Bushley Collection) #997 - Things were fairly uneventful at the Fifth International Grand Prix in Santa Monica, CA, 100 years ago last month. John Marquis and his mechanic, Harry Hough, were leading and lookin good.

They had fueled their Sunbeam big time, hoping to run the event non-stop.

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