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But we've been put in a situation after land ownership, when men became in power of [it].Here's a history lesson: [when] men [took] power of their lands, all of a sudden, women became a prize. Consider everything that came together to warrant the Women's March, the debate around Fearless Girl, and the #meetoo social media campaign.

That's a hell of a lot of women taking destiny into their own cell-phone-holding hands.

Kate Hudson: My two girlfriends Sara and Erin Foster are working really closely with the app.

And so, I got involved, and then was kind of like, what an awesome idea to create a network where women can connect with each other.

KH: At this point, it's not necessarily about what it means as much as it is just something we know now. At the same time, I think women are not interested in being like "the man" or having the same position as "the man." Women want to be women with equal rights. KH: Because we've been put in positions for hundreds of years to compete with each other.

The dialogue is out there, the veil has been lifted. We're still fighting uphill battles, and you just have to hone in on making change, one dialogue at a time, one course of action at a time. Society — from very early on, just historically, I'm talking about like way, way back — it was embedded in our nature and in our DNA, which has been changing over the last hundred years.

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