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It was interesting to see the flak the bloke copped from some of the comments, despite the fact that he's said it was her negative attitude to helping herself that was the problem. Please note - no need to RSVP or anything, event is being publicly listed this time. And whether or not it has little wriggly bits on the end. On a more serious note, I would imagine the "likes clubbing" is a preference for more extroverted/communicative types. What I find interesting about these types of lists is the almost universal cultural preference for a sense of humor/fun personality/wackiness etc.

There was a blog topic a month or so ago about a woman who's bloke (of 4 years)lost interest in her because she'd put on (presumably significant) weight. I fall in lust a dozen times every time walking through the city streets and they are all different, some blonde, some brunettes, tall, small..... All welcome - newbies, oldies, bring your friends ... I just want someone who is a great cuddler, who genuinely cares about people and makes everyone's life a little bit better, just by her presence. * Posted by: davich at May 12, 2008 PM Totally agree davich... It is all that matters...caring about someone and I mean really caring for all they are and all they bring to your life is what I look for..just someone who cares about the 5mins of gratification they can get out of me and move on. The answer lies in what type of club it is - wooden or metal - and who gets to club whom.

In addition, according to the findings, unless her salary is considerable lower than theirs, they'll refuse to date her, which immediately rules out Kerr anyway after she was recently named one of the top ten earning models in the world. Some things, of course, don't change - Basil Fawlty still does it for me, just as he did almost 30 years ago, although I do believe his is a quite uncomfortable type of humor - the frustration of everyday life :) Lame, Sam - this isn't even a proper study.They survey discovered that this is what makes up the ideal woman. Besides - that picture-woman is neither a size 12, 9 stone, wearing glasses or blonde! In fact - I've got an inch and a couple of kilos on Perfect Woman - and I'm bang (bang) in the middle of size 10. Oh boo hoo, I am forever debarred from being the UK Perfect Woman. Likes, sorry, LOVES clubbing - but only drinks occasionally? Surely this proves nothing but statistically averaging opinions gets a homogenous list of inoffensive attributes. That's what makes us so much fun :) who decides what's weird? Seriously, is there a 'correct' humour and one that is not? Like most things, there's a grey scale as to what's acceptable and what's not. Non-smoker PS: Speaking about virtual girlfriends, during my research on the topic, I came across a Japanese bed-linen company, Kameo Corp, that recently created something for the women: a Boyfriend Arm Pillow. One of the most important thing I've always wanted in a girl is pretty simple. Can this bigotry then be turned into something else?Following in her well-heeled footsteps, in 1987 came the Virtual Woman: a computer program that allows men to create the perfect woman. He looks like a very big boyfriend, by the size of his stumps like that. Can you train it to pass you some strawberries n'cream in the a.m.? It is also an acceptable (and healing) way of protest.They can choose her ethnic type, personality, location, clothing and can even specify if she Virtual Woman should have tan lines underneath her clothes. Humour is useful as is provides ideads into the things that people care about and how strong are these commitments. The key questions would be what counts as 'normal' for most people and for different kinds of people in general?

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