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What I don't get is the guy shadowboxing in front of the dumbbells.

My gym has no boxing equipment, not even a place to jump rope, yet Rocky comes here three times a week to get ready for Apollo.

For all the talk about gym etiquette and all the information available on exercise form, these guys somehow still don't get it and are constantly annoying or amusing us.

You've probably seen one, know one, or hell - Don't think that just because you're not a newbie, you're immune... As the name implies, this guy works on muscles to show off at the bar, with purpose of impressing chicks or intimidating pencil necks.

A certain amount of noise is understandable, and even expected on certain movements (i.e., squats), but nobody wants to hear you yell through 4 sets of pushdowns. This guy feels the need to launch any weight he's just finished using, especially dumbbells, onto the floor.

Not only is this a hazard for anyone near him, it breaks down the dumbbells.

This is almost always on the bench press, where one guy loads the bar up and his friend helps him pull every rep after the second one.I could smell him coming and it was so bad that if he worked next to me, I would finish what I was doing quickly and run for oxygen.I'm all for boxing, I think it's a great way to stay fit and relieve tension.His lifting attire consists of a T-shirt, dress pants, and loafers. One workout I could understand, but nobody forgets their gym bag everyday. It wasn't a natural, "I just busted my a$$ and sweated a fountain" type of odor - it was more of a festering pile of sewage smell that assaulted the nose.I'm pretty sure that he didn't wash himself, his gym clothes, his underwear - or most likely all three.

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