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– Anthony Johnson, 47, was kicked to death on a night out in Southport, Merseyside.James Thompson, 25, from Formby, was jailed for life for murder.The trial heard he killed them after Lisa admitted she had taken part in a threesome with them.– Nasim Jamil, 54, presenter and agony aunt on Awaz FM radio station – stabbed at home in Partick, Glasgow.The judge told Mc Carney that he was a deeply manipulative individual devoid of social norms.

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A boy of 15 was detained during HM Pleasure (minimum of 14 years) in June 2010.– Between five and 60 people were killed in the Huanuco district of Peru.They had all been killed and drained of human fat which was sold on to the cosmetics industry.Khalid Mamoun Sarwar, 28, was jailed for life (20 years) in Sep 2010.He was a family friend who killed her for money she was saving for the haj.

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