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This new handicap and the loss of his wife led Jack to desire to reconnect with Tim, who by now had become Robin.Tim's duties as the Boy Wonder and his close relationship with Bruce Wayne caused a greater rift with his father, although they did attempt to reconcile.Jack eventually recovered with the aid of what is believed to be a fabled Valkyrie who came to him, urging him to move on.Upon learning that Tim had lied to him about trying out for the school's football team, Jack began searching his son's room, until at last he found Tim's secret storage closet of Robin gear.Following his father's death, Tim mourns painfully and becomes more dark and brooding.Dana, also grief-stricken, is taken to a clinic in Blüdhaven for psychological treatment.

The couple was held hostage for money, until the Batman came to save them.

A well-respected businessman and archeologist, Jack Drake could never stay down in one place for long lengths of time.

He did stick around Gotham City long enough to meet a young woman named Janet, who would later become his wife.

Although the Drakes loved their son, business always seemed to take a higher priority; Tim was often left behind in a series of Gotham boarding schools while they traveled the world.

When Tim was still a young child, his parents took him to Haly's Circus.

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