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Our “job” however, is to be active and make seduction go fast.

(Note: This is genetically programmed in all of us – and it can’t be changed.

She wants to feel more sexual attraction towards you.

(Note: If she really didn’t want to give you her number, she wouldn’t have been hesitant.

Maybe she says, “I don’t know, I don’t really know you…” This is not an assertive or definitive “no”.

She wants to type in her phone number, but she wants to feel more of your masculinity.

Most women don’t really know what turn them on, so they say what’s political correct.

Such as, “You know, we women are suckers for compliments,” or “I want a man.” These statements aren’t lies, but they’re misleading.

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Some of these misconceptions come from women themselves.

Accept it, and move on…) In other words, you have to be assertive when you lead a woman. It’s the of being “taken” that women want.) Let’s look at an example.

Don’t ever back down when you want to do something sexual with a woman. Women like sex just as much as us guys, but they need to feel that the man “made” them do it. When you ask for a girl’s number, you don’t just ask her once, and then give up.

She would have said , “You’re a nice guy, but I have a boyfriend.” This is a definitive ‘no’, and it’s no point for you to push on.) Now it’s perfect to use some assertiveness.

Just say something like, “It’s okay, just type in your number. Just type it in.” When you do this (several times if you have to) she’ll feel your masculinity, and she’ll give you her number, because she’s attracted to you.

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