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With this in mind, I head out shopping with my list — the couple of dozen items I buy every week.I'll throw away seven times my own body weight in rubbish this year, so surely it couldn't be that tough to buy what I need and leave all the packaging behind in the process?

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For every £50 you spend on food, around £8 pays for the packaging it comes in.For a weekly shop of £100, that's £16, which means that over a year, the average household is probably adding £832 to its annual shopping bill for stuff that goes straight in the bin.Waste Watch estimates that the rate at which we generate rubbish in the UK would fill the Royal Albert Hall in under two hours.Unloading the products from the numerous carrier bags I'd acquired at the checkout, I realised that my kitchen contained more plastic than Coleen Mc Loughlin's wallet and enough cardboard to build a set on Big Brother. Cardboard sleeves from multi-packs of tins, yoghurt and toothpaste were strewn over the floor and, by far the worst offender, a tray, plastic cover and cling film from one pack of four pears.I thought fruit already came with nature's own packaging — the skin.

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