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One of the most intriguing archeological finds was a footprint preserved in clay, dating from just before a catastrophic flood in 1826.Floodwaters deposited a thick layer of sand over the frozen soil to preserve a clay "snapshot" of a moccasined foot and a series of cattle and horse prints. The animal tracks and wheel ruts suggest that a cart trail existed between Fort Gibraltar and the Red River Settlement before the 1826 flood.More on the Red River: Red River: The Passageway to the prairies Bison Hunters: How the Métis dominated the bison hunt Red River Colony: A brave experiment in westward expansion Dig at the Forks: Unearthing Winnipeg's Human Heritage Duff's Ditch: A Drain for the flood plain First Farmers: Aboriginal people pioneered grain growing Fish Tales: Chasing catfish to track the river's health Just Plains Folks: Winnipeg welcomes the world Trails to Rails: Railways replace wagon routes Prairie Sea: The Great Flood of 1950 Traders: Economic exchanges among First Nations Uprising: Louis Riel leads the Red River Rebellion Wagons West: Red River carts tracked the grasslands During recent construction in downtown Winnipeg, archeologists found evidence that the area was a traditional meeting and trading place for aboriginal groups as long as 6,000 years ago.

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Another theory is that the tracks and prints were made by settlers and traders leaving the area as the flood waters rose.

Whichever theory is true, Sid Kroker sensed the reality of these remains so strongly while digging, that he expected someone to tap him on the shoulder and say, "Get out of the road!

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