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She said that one bat scratched her foot and another spat in her face.Bats, or flying foxes to be precise, can carry the Lyssa virus and when they are aggressive to humans this is a sign they might carry that virus, and Carolyn had to get a lot of injections over the next month.A tourguide that was with her at the time gave her first aid and she was flown to Darwin hospital by helicopter.Box Jellyfish have killed about 60 people in Australia over the last century.The Roundup will be launched tomorrow evening with a live broadcast on 2MIA FM from the venue, the Leeton Jockey Club on Racecourse Road.

One bat wrapped itself around an ankle and the other two flew around her face.Queensland Parks and Wildlife ranger Sergio Norambuena said December was the mating season for brush turkeys when they build a massive mound or hole that can end up three metres wide and several metres high to attract the opposite sex and the mound is later used to incubate the eggs.A week ago signs warning people of wild turkeys were erected in the national park.A year earlier a huge P&O cruise liner was also stranded in Brisbane after a school of jellyfish blocked the engines' water intakes.Small but nasty creature only a few centimetres in size but can kill within 12 hours if no medical help is available.

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