Updating your nim file sets

Junor 3-team quiz adjudicator July 1991Darren Yates Resistor calculations on a Commodore 64 July 1991A.

Choke Centre-zero meters in power supplies July 1989David Allen Tone decoder input control circuit July 1989Peter Howarth Low cost locker alarm July 1989Paul Daniels Channel switch for DSE UHF converter August 1989M.Kemsley Low-cost variable power supply November 1991R.Parnell Speed sensitive direction switch November 1991Graham Palmer Power supply for portable valve radios November 1991G. Sones Budget burglar alarm system December 1991Cameron Fraser Expandable 3-way quiz game December 1991Steven Merrifield Power supply for flash gun December 1991Darren Yates 0-11V voltmeter has LED indicators December 1991Paul Fitzgerald Signalling for model trains January 1992Brian Boogs Automatic night light timing circuit January 1992Arthur Hand 8-channel ADC for PCs February 1992P.Freeman Automatic controller for sullage pumps August 1991Glen Host Low distortion sinewave oscillator August 1991Darren Yates Voltage regulator for alarm backup battery September 1991B. Freeman Simple nicad chager with 16-hour timer September 1991B. Denniss Dual tracking power supply uses cheap parts October 1991Steven Merrifield Battery charging for garage door controller October 1991P.Dumuid How to dim fluorescent lights September 1991W. Hunter; Notes/errata: Ref Project March/April 1991 Three-way quiz game uses relays & diodes November 1991F.

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