User control not updating visual studio

There were two sistuations I had to do little bit extra work to get things going. For this I had to put the registration of the custom controls at the begining of the aspx/ascx page.1) Binding Resource objects on the page, and For this I had to remove all the literal ($) form the page and then do the "Convert to Web Application" command. This is the only way it is able to find the custom control namespace typename and able to declare it in the designer.For reference I am using Visual Studio 2008 on a C# . I was in the middle of converting a Data Grid object to a Grid View.I figured I could simply change a couple tag names and be done with it.I further observed, it's not just Script Manger, this phenomenan also occurs for other custom controls."Convert to Web Application" -option never worked for me.

In your ASCX file, modify the "Inherits" attribute in the Control directive so that it no longer has the word "Controls" in it. You don't need to save the file; just flip views in the text editor to your designer file. I promise I have been using carriage returns) So, please dis-regard my previous post. User Control - I have sub-classed User Control to added functionality necessary for use among many usercontrols in my project.

After several hours of swearing, testing, trying things out, and more swearing I happened upon the answer... Within the Button Field tags, I had left the "Button Type" property set to "Link Button".

This is a valid value in a Data Grid, but not in a Grid View.

But the problem I'm having here is that nothing at all is being added to Could you please look at the header comment in the file and indicate which runtime version it's showing ( Runtime Version:2.0.50727.???? I have another control, in the same folder ("Controls") that does re-create it's designer correctly with each change to the ASCX. Based on a hunch that this issue may be related to namespace issues, I started by changing the namespace - I have a work-around, but no fix: simply make sure your namespace doesn't include the word "Controls".

) ( sorry, I'm not aware of any solution or work-around ... It is using the same namespace, in the form: Company Name. Repeatable steps to resolve the issue appear to be: 1.

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