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Source code is distributed in whatever manner the software author desires.Frequently this is a tarred and gzipped file, but it might be compressed with some other tool or even uncompressed.You can browse that information and decide what apps you want to install, then tell the system to install them.Based on the information in the Ports tree, Free BSD will automatically connect to the proper download site, retrieve the application source for you, compile and install the app.

If you want more details on these files, and on ports in general, check out the Free BSD Porter's Handbook.If you have Internet access, you should always use one of the methods mentioned above.The first thing that should be explained when it comes to the Ports Collection is what is actually meant by a “skeleton”.It is a good idea to delete the working subdirectory, which contains all the temporary files used during compilation.Not only does it consume valuable disk space, but it would also cause problems later when upgrading to the newer version of the port.

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